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ContactNow: Call Flow Report

The Call Flow report shows the flow of calls from an inbound queue to the final queue where the call was dispositioned.

To access the monthly report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation and click Calls Flow.

Using the filter table at the top of the page, you can narrow your report to a specific time frame. To do this, click Start Time and a calendar will ask you to select a date. Select a time zone if you wish to view the report from a specific time zone.

Click Generate once settings are finalized.

Once the table has been generated, the following fields will appear in the reports table:

  • Original Queue: The queue in which the calls were made/received on.
  • Final Queue: The queue in which the call were answered/terminated.
  • Total Calls: Total number of calls arriving on a queue.
  • Answered: Total number of answered calls on a queue.
  • No Answer: Total number of no answers on a queue.
  • Abandoned: Total number of abandoned calls in a queue.


See how to Export a report.


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