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Call Highlights Report in ContactNow

If call highlights are enabled, this Report shows the Call highlights set by the agents during calls. Learn how to access Call Highlights report here.

If call highlights are enabled, this Report shows the Call highlights set by the agents during calls. You can download and listen to the recordings. The segments of the call could be used for training purposes or quality control purposes.

Call highlights must be enabled by an admin via the Global agent options. When enabling Call highlights, agents will need to log out and back in again for the report to be displayed in the app.

To see the call highlights report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Call highlights.

Generate Table

The generate table allows you to set the start and stop time for the range of call highlights to be shown, and specify a campaign, a queue, an agent, or a specific call ID. If there are multiple pages, you can select a page from the drop-down box.

Click Generate to update the list.

Report Table


The report shows:

  • Agent: The agent that made the call.
  • Call ID: Unique ID for that call.
  • Customer Name: Name of the customer the call was made to or received from.
  • When: When was the call made?
  • Start Offset: How far into the call the call highlight started (in seconds).
  • Duration: How long the highlight is (in seconds).
  • Call Recording: Clicking Listen will play the recording from the webpage and clicking Download will download the recording for you to listen.

Export Report

You can export the data currently in the table as a CSV file by clicking on the Export Full List to CSV button, it will prompt you to enter a file name. Once a filename has been entered, the CSV file will download via the web browser.


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