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ContactNow: Calls Per Hour Report

The Calls Per Hour report allows admins to view a breakdown of the call activity per hour throughout a day. This report can be used to monitor the peak periods during the opening hours of a contact center.

This differs from Daily Report due to only showing how many calls were taken per hour of the day. On the other hand, the daily report provides a complete breakdown of daily activities per hour such as talk time, agent wrap time, and sales.

To access call per hour report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Calls per hour.

You can filter the report based on various criteria such as time period, campaign, queue, dataset, and outcome. You can also narrow the report to a specific call ID, URN, caller ID, or DID.

Once you have finished configuring the filters, click Generate to get the report table. The following fields will be displayed:

  • Timezone: Select the time zone you wish to view your report from.
  • Call type: Filter by inbound or outbound call type.
  • Agent: View activity from a single agent or all agents.
  • Queue: Select a specific queue, or show all.
  • Unit: View by volume of calls or call duration.

In the report you can view the number of calls per hour throughout the day. If multiple days are selected, each day will be displayed on a second row.

The date is listed on the left hand side of the row. The 24 hour format is shown on the top row of the table.


See how to Export a report.


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