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Outbound Abandons Report in ContactNow

The Outbound Abandons Report shows the abandon rates for each day in your selected queues and campaigns. Learn how to access the Outbound Abandons Report here.

The Outbound Abandons Report shows the abandon rates for each day in your selected queues and campaigns. The abandon rate is calculated by number of answered calls divided by number of abandons.

OFCOM regulations state your abandon rate should not be higher than 3% per day.

To access the report, hover over the Analytics tab in Navigation and click Outbound Abandons.

Generate Report

From here you can generate the start and stop time, you can also do this for the campaign and queue type.

Click Generate to verify the settings.

Report Table

Once generated, you can view your outbound abandon rate for every day in date order on the screen as shown below.

The table contains:

  • Day: The day of the week.
  • Date: The date of the calls. If you click the date, you will be redirected to the calls report.
  • Dials: Total number of calls.
  • Answer Machines: Total number of answer machines reached that day.
  • Answered by individual: Calls taken from the agents, not including the answering machine.
  • Abandoned: Total number of calls which were abandoned.
  • Answered Total: Total number of answering machine, answered by individual, abandoned combined as a total.
  • Abandon Percentage: Percentage of abandoned calls.
  • Broadcast Abandon: The total number of abandoned calls made from broadcast queues.
  • Uncontacted: The total number of uncontacted numbers (dead lines, etc.).


See how to Export a report.


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