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Access Campaigns Report in ContactNow

To access the campaigns report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation and click on Campaigns. Learn more here.

The Campaigns Report allows admins to view information about campaigns, such as total number of calls from a campaign, total number of sales and completes made from a campaign. You can specify a time period to see results for, as well as particular agents and whether you want to see results for inbound calls, outbound calls, or for both.

To access the campaigns report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation and click on Campaigns.

You can filter the report based on the time period, a specific agent or whether calls are inbound or outbound.

Once you have finished configuring the filters, click Generate to get the report table. The following fields will be displayed:

  • Campaign: The campaign name.
  • Calls: The number of calls made in that campaign.
  • Abandons: The number of outbound abandoned calls in this campaign.
  • Inbound abandons: The number of inbound abandons in this campaign.
  • Uncontacted: The total number of calls which were uncontacted.
  • Manual Dials/TPTs: The number of manual dials, preview dials and third party transfer calls made in this campaign.
  • Talk time: Amount of time agents have spent talking on calls for this campaign.
  • DMCs: The number of calls where the Decision Making Contact was reached.
  • Completes: The total number of calls marked with a Complete Outcome.


See how to Export a report.


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