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ContactNow: Outcomes and Calls Reports Not Matching

If you run the Calls and Outcomes report at the same time you may find the results different in terms of how many were dispositioned with particular outcomes. For example, out of a total of 10 calls the Calls report might show 5 Answer Machine and 5 Sales calls, dispositioned as such respectively, and the Outcomes report shows 2 Answer Machine and 8 Sales calls.

What makes them show different results?

The cause for this is not due to a problem in the reporting itself. It is because the Calls report is a historic one, showing what happened to the calls at that time; how long it was, which agent answered, and what that agent selected as an outcome for the call. The Outcomes report shows a live update of what is currently set against the record and this may have changed since the time of the call. An Admin can do by editing the record information via Database Management.

Other possible causes

An admin may change the outcome of a call for any reason, such as the agent incorrectly selected Answer Machine instead of a Sale outcome and so this can be changed by the Admin at any time to Sale to show the more accurate result of the call.

Any record changes can be viewed in the record notes, on Database Management, or via the Change Log (Admins can access both of these).


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