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ContactNow: Scheduled Calls List

The Scheduled Call Lists shows the call backs, customer records details and agent assigned for the callback.

To access the Scheduled Call List hover over Analytics icon from the Navigation bar and click on Scheduled Call List.

You can specify the time period for the report to view callbacks for by using the start time and stop time drop-down boxes and generating the report. The Time Type field lets you search for callbacks by either the time they are due or the time they were set. You can also select the campaign, agent, dataset and outcome, or specify a DDI to search against.

  • Set Today - All callbacks record which has been set by the agent today.
  • Due Today - All callbacks record which are due to be called today.

Click Generate once finalised.


The report will display the following fields:

  • ID: The unique identifier (URN) of the record.    
  • Edit: You can manually edit the customer's record if you click on the link. This will open in a popup.
  • Calls: This will redirect you to the calls report for this record.
  • Callback time: The date and time of the scheduled callback.
  • Callback notes: Notes provided by the agent.
  • Agent Assigned: Will display the agent's name or "Callback Pool" if a general call back.
  • Outcome: The outcome code provided by the agent when the call was dispositioned.
  • Dataset: The dataset the record is on.
  • Live?: Whether the dataset containing the record is live. (Live records are green; on hold or expired records are red.)

Export Report

You can export the data currently on display in the table as a CSV file by clicking on the Export Full List to CSV button, it will promote you to enter a filename. Once a filename has been entered, the CSV file will download via the web browser.


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