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ContactNow: Scheduled Calls Report

The Scheduled Calls Report displays the interval or time your scheduled call records will be re-dialled at. You can also re-assign scheduled calls for a particular agent/general pool to another agent/general pool.

To access this report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click on Scheduled calls report.

Generate Report

You can filter your search by queue, dataset or outcome code using the Generate table located at the top of the page. This allows you to get a more granular view of what is going on.

Active Split by Non-connect Report Table


Active Split by Dead Line Report Table


General Callback Pool and Agent Specific


  • Re-Assign Due to Today: You can re-assign callbacks due today if you tick the relevant box to the right of the desired agent and re-assign it to another agent.
  • Re-Assign All: You can re-assign all callbacks if you tick the Re-Assign All box to the right of the desired agent.
  • Re-Assign Callbacks: You must select an individual agent or general callback pool before you can re-assign those callbacks. To do this, click the drop-list as shown below and select your desire agent or if you wish to push back into the general callback pool.

Click on the Re-Assign Callbacks button to submit the confirmation.

See how to Export a report.


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