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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Advance Preview (Calls)
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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Advance Preview (Calls)

The Advanced preview report displays a group of relevant statistics in relation to preview mode. To access the report, hover over Analytics from the Navigation menu and click on Calls then select Advance Preview.

The report can be filtered on a per Agent, Team, Queue and Time basis. The variables chosen from the available filters dictate the data generated for the report.

The Advanced Preview report shows statistics created when Advanced Preview is turned on. It shows statistics relating to the calls that have been made, and lengths of time on Preview and Disposition.

Select a Date Range : The date and time picker on the right will allow you to select a date and time range for your report. You can manually select the date range or select from the pre-defined date ranges listed.
Add a Filter : Select the data you want to view, and exclude the data you do not wish to see.
Visualize Data on a Graph : View your report in either pie or line graph format.

Filters on Advanced Preview reports will provide data for the below variables:

  • Answer Machine Agent : Total number of answer machine outcomes selected by the agent.
  • Answer Machine Dialler : Total number of answer machine outcomes detected by the dialler.
  • No Answers : Total number of no answers resulting from a preview mode dial.
  • Abandons : Total number of abandoned calls from a preview mode
  • Agents Dead Lines : Total number of dead lines dispositioned by an agent resulting from preview mode dial.
  • Answered : Total number of answered previewed calls.
  • Abandons : Total number of abandoned calls in preview mode
  • Dials : Total number times the user(s) selected dial.
  • Total Completes : Total number of completed records from a preview mode.
  • Dead Lines : Total number of deadlines from a preview mode
  • Preview : Total number of times the user (s) selected preview.
  • Records : Total number of records displayed to user(s).
  • Rejects : Total number of times user(s) selected reject.
  • Sales : Total number of sales resulting from a preview mode.

Display data in a table : Deep dive into your reports and view your data in columns.
Export : Retrieve selected call reports in PDF, XLS and CSV format. All reports are printable by pressing Print report button.