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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Apply Filters to a Report
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ContactNow: Graphical Analytics - Apply Filters to a Report

With filters you can exclude data from particular sources allowing you to segment your data. By focusing the report you can get a better understanding of your contact center’s performance.

Add, change or remove a filter

After opening the filters panel at the top of the page click the Add filter button to start adding a new filter. First select the metric you want to filter and then chose the filter conditions.


Most filters work by presenting a list of options such as queues, agents and outcomes. A checkbox next to each list item allows you to segment your data based on the metric selected.


Operators specify whether you will include or exclude data based on the conditions you chose. You can use this so the report only displays data that is above, below, inside, outside or exactly matches the values specified.

Filters can be changed at any time by updating the options selected. All changes are auto saved and applied to the table and graph immediately. To remove a filter and all of its settings click the cross to the right of the filter.


Instead of removing a filter and applying it again you can ignore a filter by deselecting the checkbox on the left. When a condition or filter is ignore the data that should be excluded from the results is displayed. A filter can be reapplied by selecting the checkbox.

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