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Graphical Analytics Call Handling Inbound in ContactNow

The Call handling inbound report monitors inbound calls over a set time frame. You can access this report from the Call Handling Inbound option. Learn more here.

The Call handling inbound report can be used to monitor inbound calls over a set time frame. The report has a field that shows the average call time, worked out by dividing the total talk time by the number of calls within the specified time period.

To access this report, hover over the Analytics icon from the Navigation bar and click on Calls then select Call Handling Inbound.

Select a Date Range : The date and time picker on the right will allow you to select a date and time range for your report. You can manually select the date range or select from the pre-defined date ranges listed.
Add a Filter : Select the data you want to view, and exclude the data you do not wish to see.
Visualize Data on a Graph : View your report in either pie or line graph format.

The following fields for inbound calls are as shown below:

  • Abandoned : Total number of calls where the customer hung up before reaching an agent.
  • Average Abandon Time : Average time of calls from the queue where the customer abandoned
  • Average Answer Times : Average speed inbound calls are answered by agents.
  • Average Call Time : Average duration of a connected call
  • Total Inbound Calls : Total number of inbound calls

Display data in a table : Deep dive into your reports and view your data in columns.
Export : Retrieve selected call reports in PDF, XLS and CSV format. All reports are printable by clicking Print report button.


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