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Graphical Analytics Displays Data in a Table in ContactNow

Contact center data is displayed in a table at the bottom of each report, with different options for how the data is displayed. Learn more here.

All your contact center data is displayed in a table at the bottom of each report. You now have more control over what is displayed with customizable columns, deep-dive and sorting.


Add and remove columns

On the top right of the table you can click on Columns to customize the information displayed in the table. The drop down that appears lists all of the available columns and you can show or hide them by clicking the checkbox for each column. The list of columns can also be searched if you are looking for a specific column.


Deep dive

Some reports group data, such as the [Calls over time] report. When deep dive is available the item in the left column will be highlighted in blue. Clicking it will dive-in to show more granular information.

You can dive-in multiple times on some reports. To return to the previous view you can use the navigational crumb-trail at the top of the page.


Sorting columns

Some columns can be sorted so you can bring to the top of the report. Simply click the title of a column and an arrow will appear. You can click the column again to reverse the sorting order or click another column to add multiple sorts.

An overview of the sorting options you have applied to the table will appear on the top right of the table. You can remove each sort individually or remove all of them at once.


Export data

To the right of the Column options are the Export options. You can click it to export the current table as a PDF, XLS or CSV file, or to print it directly from the browser.



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