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ContactNow Wallboard

The Wallboard is a real time report of your contact centre activities on a global, team or queue basics.

To access the wallboard, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click Wallboard.

If you are a supervisor you will need wallboard privileges. You can enable this on the Edit Agent settings page.


Today Table

Today implies calls since midnight of the current day, relative to the time zone configured on the account.

  • %SLA: The percentage of calls received which are answered by agents within 26 seconds, excluding weekends: Midnight Friday to Saturday to Midnight Sunday to Monday.
  • #Ans: The number of calls answered by the Agent, excluding weekends.
  • #Non-SLA: The number of calls which queued for more than 26 seconds whether answered or not.
  • #Q: The number of calls queuing updated live.
  • Avg-ASA: The "Average Seconds (before) Answered."

Month Table

This Month implies calls since 00:00 of the first of the current month. The headings are the same as Today.

If you click the Day by Day Breakdown link then you will be transferred to the monthly page. This link will provide a day by day breakdown throughout the whole month.

You can generate results for a different time period by changing the Start and End date and clicking Generate.

Report Table

The report will provide statistics for the overall contact centre. From here you can monitor the calls waiting on a queue, how many agents assigned to the queue are logged in and the number of agents available.

You can view the wallboard status grouping by Queues or Agent teams. You can also group by week or month.

  • Queue: The queue the calls are arriving on.
  • Logged in: Number of agents assigned to the queue currently logged in.
  • Not Ready: Number of agents in wrap status (not available to take calls).
  • Available: The number of agents available to take calls.
  • Active: The number of active calls.
  • Calls in Q: Number of calls queuing.

There is also a Dashboard for Agents or supervisors. This supports a different overview and may be more appropriate than the Wallboard in some setups.


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