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ContactNow: Dataset Analysis Report

The Dataset Analysis report allows admins to view information about all datasets created via Dataset Management. From this report you can manage your available data, the progress of each dataset and results for each dataset. The Dataset Analysis report will populate once your dataset has been made live and records have been dialed.

To access the Dataset Analysis report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click Dataset Analysis.

Generate Report

Using the filters you can specify a time period for results by clicking the start and stop time. A calendar will appear to assist with selecting a particular date. It is also possible to filter by campaign, queue, and agent.

As per the Status filter box as shown below, you can view expired dataset as well as those that are live/on hold.

Click Generate button once the settings are complete and the report will generate with the new filters.

Report Table

Once generated the report table will be shown with the following fields: (certain fields are self explanatory)

  • ID: The Dataset ID.
  • Name: The name of the dataset. In most instances this will be the filename.
  • Campaign: The campaign the dataset is located on.
  • Queue: The queue the dataset is assigned to, if assigned.
  • Status: The status of the dataset, either LIVE or HOLD.
  • Callback status: What type of records to dial (all records, Call backs only, and agent calls back).
  • Fresh Data: The number of fresh records (not been dialed since uploading the dataset).
  • Available (Now): The number of records that are available to dial immediately.
  • Available (Later-Today): Number of records that can be dialed once the retry/callback time has elapsed.
  • Available: (Total): Total number of record available now, later-today and on different days.
  • Penetration: The percentage of customer records that have been completed on this dataset.
  • DMCs: The number of calls where the agent spoken to the DMC (Decision Making Contact).
  • Completes: Total number of calls dispositioned with a complete outcome.
  • Sales: Total number of calls dispositioned with a Sale outcome.
  • SvsDMCs: The percentage of calls where the DMC was spoken to, ending in a sale.
  • SvsC: The percentage of complete records ending in a sale. SvsC = (sales/completes) * 100

The image shown below is an example of a generated dataset analysis report. Here you can see the following fields along with example information.


See how to Export a report.


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