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ContactNow: Activate Emergency System Override

Emergency System Override allows admin users to redirect all inbound calls and notify all users with the click of a button. Admin users will find the Emergency button in the bottom left corner in the navigation bar in the app.


You will only be able to see the button if you are logged in as an Admin user account and you have the feature enabled. When Emergency mode is activated and deactivated it will be recorded in the change log.

When you click the Emergency button a warning message will appear asking you to confirm the activation of the Emergency System Override.


A warning bar will appear at the top of the page and all users will still be able to access all features of the system.


All new and currently queuing inbound calls will be diverted based on the redirect settings chosen. Clicking Revert Emergency at the top of the page will restore the queues to normal and remove the warning.

Can I set up a new policy specifically for Emergency System Override?

New policies can be made on the TOD policies page and chosen from the Emergency System Override settings tab.

Can I make changes to the system while Emergency mode is activated?

Yes, you will still have full access.

What happens to calls when I activate Emergency mode?

  • Connected Calls: Calls already connected to an agent will not be affected and they will only disconnect when the customer or agent ends the call.
  • Queuing Calls: Calls that are currently queuing when Emergency mode is activated will be redirected as per the settings defined.
  • New Calls: New calls when Emergency mode has been activated will be redirected as per the settings defined.

What happens to outbound calls when Emergency mode is activated?

Manual, predictive, preview and progressive calls will only cease if agents go into Idle. If selected, broadcast calls will cease when Emergency mode is activated.  

What do the agents see?

Agents will see a red warning at the top of the page informing them that Emergency mode is active.

Do I need to allow pop ups?


Can the agents override it?

No, this setting can only be enabled or disabled by an Admin user.

Will broadcasting restart automatically if I revert Emergency mode?

Any broadcasting will restart when Emergency mode has been reverted.

What happens if another admin, not the one that activated the Emergency Override, logs in to the admin panel?

When they log in they will see the Emergency warning, will be able to revert to normal and will be able to view changes in the change log.

What do the different Emergency mode actions do?

  • Hang up: Customers will hear an uploaded Emergency mode hangup audio and then the call will be terminated.
  • Voicemail: Customers will hear an uploaded Emergency voicemail audio and will then be prompted to leave a voicemail.
  • Queue Jump: Customers will be redirected to the queue specified in the Emergency mode time of day policy.

What happens if a queue has redirects configured?

Customers will follow the queuing rules of the queue they are redirected to. If this queue has redirects, customers will be redirected as Emergency mode is only applied once (unless the settings change).

What happens to customers in an IVR?

Customers who are already in or dial into an IVR will only be redirected by Emergency mode when they reach an inbound queue.

What happens in Emergency mode Time of Day policy redirects customers to an IVR?

Customers will be directed to the IVR queue specified in the Emergency mode time of day policy. If the IVR routes to an inbound queue, the Emergency mode settings should not be re-applied.

What happens when you dial an inbound queue that has an active, non-jumping TOD?

Customers who dial into an inbound queue that has an active time of day policy will be redirected based on the Time of Day policy’s rules before Emergency mode takes effect. They will not be redirected by the Emergency mode settings until they start to queue for the first time. This can be identified by hearing hold music.

What happens to a queuing call when you change the settings?

If customers are queuing while Emergency mode behaviours have not been reverted they will be redirected again when the new Emergency mode settings are saved.

What happens when you toggle Emergency mode off, then on, after settings that have already been applied?

If the Emergency mode settings remain the same, calls that were already redirected will not be affected. New calls that have been made since Emergency mode was disabled will be redirected.


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