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Send an Instant Message in ContactNow

Click the Instant messaging icon at the bottom of Navigation to open the instant messaging panel. Learn how to start a conversation via Instant Messaging here.

Instant Messaging feature must be enabled by an Administrator in order for agents to be able to send and receive Instant Messages. For instructions on how to enable Instant Messaging, see Set permissions for Instant Messaging.

You can start a conversation with a colleague via instant messages.

Click the Instant messaging icon at the bottom of Navigation to open the instant messaging panel. You will see existing IM conversations (if any exist) and the option to search or start a new conversation. To start a new conversation, click the Plus icon on the top right, next to the avatar.


From the list of users, select the people you would like to send Instant Message to by clicking on their name. Alternatively, you can select from a list of teams instead by clicking the Teams icon at the top. Selecting more than one person or a team will create a group conversation.


Use the search box at the top to find users or teams quicker.

Once a person or team has been selected, the screen will change into chat mode. A message box will appear at the bottom of the page into which you can type your message. Type your message and press enter to send it. Once the first message of the chat is sent, the received messages pane will replace the contact list allowing you to see the conversation.


You can also broadcast messages to several agents to spread news, emergency notice and important updates.


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