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Assign a Queue to a Team in ContactNow

To assign Queues to Teams go to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu, click the Queues tab and click on the Assign Queues gear icon. Learn more.

Admins can assign Queues to a Team so that the all members of the team are assigned to the queues and will start receiving calls on those queues.

To assign Queues to Teams go to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and click the Queues tab.


Click on the gear icon next to the team and click Assign Queues.


The pop-up will give you a full list of Outbound and Inbound Queues. Each Queue will have a tick box on the left hand side giving you the option to tick the box and include this Queue within the Team.

Priority Level: You can select the Priority Level of certain Queues. This can be used if you wish for one Queue to be at a higher/lower priority compared to any other.

Once a Queue has been assigned to the Team, click the Queue icon. It will give you an overview of the names of the Queues assigned to that Team:


Alongside the Queue icon are also icons to see an overview of Agents and Supervisors attached to the team.

See Manage Teams for more options concerning teams.


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