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Auto-Disposition in ContactNow

Auto-disposition is a queue setting that will automatically disposition unsuccessful calls placed using the Manual dial or Preview mode. Learn more here.

Auto-disposition is a queue setting that will automatically disposition unsuccessful calls placed using the Manual dial or Preview mode. This feature saves an Agent time by not having to select an outcome for un-contacted manual and preview calls in a similar way as to our predictive dialer. The system will auto-disposition the call allowing them to quickly move on.

This Auto disposition setting can be applied for manual and preview calls. The other dialing modes contain this function by default.

Enabling Auto-Disposition

Auto-disposition setting is turned off by default for all existing and new queues. To enable auto-disposition navigate to Agent, Teams and Queues from the Configuration page and click on the Queues tab. To quickly filter out other types of queues select outbound queues from the queue type filter on the left.


You will then be presented with the list of outbound queues available. Select the outbound queue auto-disposition should be applied to and click the settings cog to edit your queue settings.


Click on the settings tab and turn Auto-disposition on.


To quickly enable or disable auto-disposition for multiple queues the setting can be changed using mass update. Once enabled, the phone will automatically detect unsuccessful manual and preview calls and will auto-disposition them. The corresponding outcome is automatically applied to the call.

Auto-disposition will display a notification banner on the agent page with an explanation of why the call has ended. You can then continue as if you had selected an outcome.

If an uncontacted call is not detected the Agent will then be asked to select an outcomes from the list available.

If you have Available after call setting turned on the system will automatically return you to available status. If the Available after call setting is not turned on the system will return you to idle status.


Do I need to enable auto disposition on a queue running Predictive or Progressive dialing?

Only if you want any manual calls to be auto dispositioned.

If auto disposition is enabled for a queue running Predictive or Progressive dialing will it affect the dialer?

No - Predictive and progress modes will dial as normal, this feature only affects Preview mode and Manual dials.

Which calls will be auto-dispositioned?

Uncontacted calls such as Deadlines and Engaged will be detected and be auto-dispositioned.

When enabled, which of my calls will be affected by the auto-disposition setting?

Preview and Progressive dialing modes will always automatically disposition uncontacted calls. Preview and Manual calls can be configured to automatically disposition by enabling this setting.


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