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ContactNow: Add an Agent

Admins can add new Agents as well as edit settings for existing Agents on the system. Agents can be added individually or in bulk using the Bulk Upload feature.

To add and manage Agents, select Agents and Queues from the Configuration menu and click on the Agents tab.

Add an individual Agent

The Agents tab will give you an overview of all Agents you have created. Click Add Agent and select the desired level of user you would like to create. The user level can be changed after the agent has been created.

  • Admin: has full Administration rights to the system, they are able to edit, view and alter a variety of different options that the system offers.
  • Supervisor: has the ability to see what the Admin has given them access to, the Admin selects what rights the Supervisor will have and which reports they can access. This can be altered by the Administrator at any point.
  • Agent: Only has the ability to access the agent page in which they will need to make and receive calls, they have no access to settings or reports.



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