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ContactNow: Create a Message Queue

Message Queue plays a single .wav audio file to a caller followed by a beep sound to allow recording, and will then record the call until the caller hangs up.

Typically Message Queues are used when a caller on an inbound queue has waited too long and is diverted as a result or in the case of dealing with inbound calls made by people who are returning a missed call from an outbound queue.

To set-up a message queue, head over to the Configuration page then click Agents, Teams and Queues.

Then, click the Add Queue button located on the top right corner. You will see a drop-down menu. Select Message.


The Add Message Queue panel should now appear as shown below.


Give your message queue a name.

You can either use a previously uploaded audio, upload a new .wav file or use the Text to speech function. Click Add once you are finished.

Once you receive a success message, you can either update the queue again or click Back to Queues to return to the Agents, Teams and Queues.


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