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ContactNow: Manage Queues

Administrators can create and edit settings for their queues through the Queues tab in Agents, Teams and Queues.

To manage queues, hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar, click on Agents, Teams and Queues and select the Queues tab.


A filtering panel on the left side of the page will filter queues by:

  • Queue type - Displays all queue from the selected queue type (e.g., inbound, outbound, broadcast, IVR, message, SMS broadcast and SMS outbound).
  • Campaign - Displays all queues from the selected campaign.
  • Time of Day policy (only if policy has been set up) - Displays all queues that have the selected TOD policy assigned.

Clicking on the Reset button will reset all filters.

Choose a queue and click on the DID or CLI icon to view your number for that selected queue.

  • DID: The number of the call receiver.
  • CLI: To identify the caller's number.

More options accessed by clicking on the Options icon on the right-hand side of the chosen queue.

Click one of the articles below to find out more about managing queues.


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