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ContactNow: Set Call Retry Times

The Retry Times tab allows you to change the time intervals that you attempt to call customers back depending on the result of the call. This value must be greater than 60 minutes.

To set retry times for a queue, please navigate to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues tab. Click the Options icon (gear) on the right hand side of the queue you wish to manage, then select Edit. You fill find the Retry Times tab amongst other options for editing the outbound queue.


You can configure the following settings

  • Retry / No answer - Time between unanswered calls.
  • Busy / Engaged - Time between calls where the line was busy.
  • Dead Line - Time between dead line calls (sometimes there may be a temporary line fault at the customers end).
  • Answer Machine - Time between calls that have gone to answer answer machine calls.
  • Abandon - Retry time for abandoned calls. The minimum allowed by Ofcom is 4320 minutes.

When you have made your changes, click Update at the bottom of the page to save the new settings for the queue. Any errors will be highlighted in red at the top of the screen and you will be required to adjust the settings then click Update again. To discard any changes simply click Back to Queues, you will then be returned to the Queues tab.


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