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ContactNow: Set Up Advanced Preview Dialing Mode

The Advanced Preview Dialing Mode offers some additional enhancements to the normal preview type. This allows agents to view available information about the customer and define a strategy before dialing begins. Details of the customer, the script, and record history all appear as if the user is on call.

To turn the advanced preview dialing mode on for an Outbound Queue, click Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues tab. Click the Options icon (gear) on the right hand side of the queue you wish to manage, then select Edit. In the Settings tab, you will find the Preview type option.

You will need to select Preview from Dial Mode options in order to be able to choose Preview type option.


There are several options that can be set by admins and supervisors when the Preview type is set to Advanced:

  • Countdown: The time, denoted in seconds, from the moment the user clicks preview and the time which the record will begin to dial.
  • Allow number selection: Enabling this setting allows the user to select from three phone numbers if the numbers are available. When this setting is disabled the dialer will decide which number to try next.
  • Reject records: When enabled the user has the option to reject records. Dialing will commence after countdown or sooner if selected by the user.
    • Automatic Rejection Outcome: When enabled an outcome will have to be selected from the drop down. This outcome will then be applied to rejected records automatically. When disabled, the user does not have to select an outcome for the rejected records.
  • Allow Record editing: The user is able to review and edit records for the duration of the preview mode.

An Advanced Preview Dialing Report is automatically generated and made available for Administrators and Supervisors in the Analytics section.


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