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Create a Broadcast Queue in ContactNow

Broadcast queues help to dial several customers at once and to connect answered calls to an IVR for subsequent processing. Learn how add Broadcast queues here.

Broadcast queues are used to dial a large number of customers at once and then connecting answered calls to an IVR for subsequent processing. Typically, broadcasting queues are used for mass notifications, automation of surveys, or marketing awareness campaigns. This is sometimes referred to as Voice Broadcasting.

The IVR can be used to capture responses for subsequent processing, or can be used to offer the called party an opportunity to speak to a live agent by pressing a key on their telephone keypad.

To set-up a broadcast queue, hover over Configuration and click on Agents & Queues. Then navigate to the Queues tab.

Then, click on the Add Queue button located on the top right corner; you will see a drop-down list select Broadcast. The Add Broadcast Queue will appear as displayed below.


Choose the Campaign to add your queue, then give your queue a name. Click Add once finished. A message will display as you have created a broadcast queue.

Add IVR menu to your broadcast queue

To add a IVR menu to your broadcast queue, it is recommended that you use the graphical IVR creator. This will implement an IVR to route calls to a specific queue by asking the customer to press keys on their phone before speaking to an agent.

A message will prompt you to click the link of the IVR creator.

Additional Options

Editing a broadcast queue reveals more options as shown below:


This page offers you additional settings.

  • Answer Machine Detection: Can be turned on or off. It will try and filter out answer machines. When turned off all answered calls are considered proper.
  • Broadcast Start/Stop: Broadcasts on our platform automatically start at 5:30am to 9:00pm PST. It is possible to set different times here. If the start time is set to all 0s then the queue will not action broadcasting.
  • Max Dials: How many lines will be dialed at once. Please note the broadcast queue is capped at 50 lines.
  • Ring Time: How long the customer's phone will ring before the dialer gives up and labels the call unanswered.
  • Dials Per AgentAllows you to slow down the dialer based on how many agents in wait. Add agents to the queue to have them considered. 0 means uncapped.

Adding Data

Data can be added to a broadcast queue exactly the same way as a normal queue.

Queue Not Dialing?

If your account runs out of balance whilst a broadcast queue is running the queue will be disabled. In order to have the queue re-enabled please create a case with 8x8 Technical Support.


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