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Create an Outbound Queue in ContactNow

An outbound queue is a list of customer details to be contacted. To create an outbound queue, go to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Navigation bar. Learn more.

An outbound queue is a list of customer details to be contacted (dialing out).

To create an outbound queue, choose Configuration from the Navigation bar then click on Agents, Teams and Queues.

Click the Queues tab. Next, click Add Queue on the top right corner of the page and select Outbound from the list.


The Add Outbound Queue page will display a drop-down campaign selector in order to select the campaign you wish to place the outbound queue on. It also gives you an area to give your queue a name.


Abandon: You have the options to either chose an existing abandon audio (message to be played to the customer if the calls is abandoned) or you could use the Text to speech function. Ofcom rules dictate that you must have an abandoned message. This is enforced in the system.

Script Text: This function is used for agents only (the text you input will display to the agent when they receive a call, or if left blank then you use a default script.

Once satisfied with the entry and with the settings you can click Add.

A success message will indicate that you have successfully created an outbound queue.


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