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Edit a Broadcast Queue in ContactNow

To edit a Broadcast queue, go to Agents, Teams and Queues from the Navigation bar and click on the Queues tab. Learn more from full list of steps given here.

To edit a Broadcast queue hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click Agents, Teams and Queues. Click the Queues tab to see the list of Queues available. Ensure you have selected the Queue Type you would like to edit. Queue Type will be listed on the left hand side of the screen.

Select a Queue Type and proceed by clicking on settings cog to edit the the desired queue.

Click Edit and you will be presented with a new screen and with options to edit broadcast queue as shown in the image below. You can edit fields from the Basics and Settings tab.



From the Basics tab, you can edit:

  • Queue Name: The name of the broadcast queue.
  • Caller ID: The number that will be displayed to customers.
  • Inbound Numbers: Choose an inbound number customers can call back on after listening to the broadcast.

Once you are satisfied with the edits from the Basics tab, click Update Queue. You also have the option to return back to Queues without applying the changes.



From the Settings tab, you can edit:

  • Answer Machine Detection: Eliminates a proportion of answer machines from being connected to an agent.
  • Call Recording: Choose to record calls for this queue.
  • Broadcast Start: Date and time of the start of broadcast.
  • Broadcast Dials: Date and time of the halt of the broadcast.
  • Max Dials: The maximum number of this calls this queue will make at any one time.
  • Ring Time: The number of seconds the dialer will wait for a call to be answered.
  • Dials per Agent: The number of calls per agent in wait. [ Setting 0 will dial regardless of whether your agents are logged in or nor not ]

When the desired changes have been made, click Update Queue so that all the changes and edits you have made from both tabs, Basics and Settings are applied. Any errors will be highlighted and you will be required to adjust the settings. Alternatively you can click Back to Queues to discard your changes and return to the Queues tab within Agents, Teams and Queues.


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