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Set Audio Messages For A Queue in ContactNow

To add audio messages to a queue, go to Agents, Teams and Queues, select the Queues tab, click the Options icon and select the Audio Messages tab. Learn more.

The Audio Messages tab is where you configure the audio messages played to the agents that are assigned to the queue and also to customers receiving calls made from the queue you are managing. You can upload your own Wave (.wav) audio files or use the Text to speech tool.

To add audio messages to a queue, please navigate to the Agents, Teams and Queues from the Configuration menu and select the Queues tab. Click the Options icon (gear) on the right hand side of the queue you wish to manage, then select Edit. You will find the Audio Messages tab amongst other options for editing a queue.


You can configure the following settings

  • Abandon: Played to the customer if an outbound call is connected but no agents are available. It must state where you are calling from and the reason you are calling about to avoid silent calls.
  • Welcome: Played to the customer when the call is connected, the call is then put through to an agent.
  • Whisper: Played through the agents headset before the call is connected. This is useful if agents are assigned to several queues so they can use the correct greeting. This will leave the customer on hold for the time the whisper is playing, hearing our hold music, and consequently is not usually suitable for outbound queues.
  • DNC Welcome: Played when the customer calls in on a telephone number that is only assigned to an outbound queue. This is a required feature when creating an outbound queue and is skipped when the number assigned is linked to an inbound queue.
  • DNC Intro: This will play after the DNC welcome message.
  • DNC Message: Message used to capture customers’ numbers to automatically remove from the dataset assigned to the queue (e.g., please enter your phone number followed by the hash key.)
  • DNC Thanks: A farewell message such as thank you, thanks for calling, thanks for taking the time out to speak to us, and goodbye.

When you have made your changes click Update at the bottom of the page to save the new settings for the queue. Any errors will be highlighted in red at the top of the screen and you will be required to adjust the settings then click Update again. To discard any changes simply click Back to Queues, you will then be returned to the Queues tab. We recommend you dial into the number yourself after you have completed your set up to make sure the set up is as you wanted it to be.

Mandatory Audio

DNC messages are mandatory and the settings page will not let you proceed without them.


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