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ContactNow: Set Permissions for Instant Messaging

To configure overall permissions for Instant Messaging, navigate to System setup from the Configuration menu and select Agent features. Learn more here.

Administrators have granular control over the way Instant Messaging works for their call centers. For instance, admins can set up Instant Messaging to only allow agents to speak to their superiors; or restrict the ability to start conversations to admins; or even switch off Instant Messaging altogether.

To configure overall permissions for Instant Messaging, navigate to System setup from the Configuration menu and select Agent features.

Overall Permissions

Instant Messaging is on by default.


Other default settings are:

  • Agents cannot start conversations but can reply;
  • Both supervisors and administrators can talk to everyone but only admins can change the settings of other users;
  • Settings are applied individually to each user, but administrator settings cannot be changed.

Single Agent Permissions

To set Instant Messaging permissions for individual agents, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on Agents, Teams and Queues. You will be taken to the Agents tab, from where you can manage Agents. Click on the gear icon next to the agent you want to set permissions for and scroll down to Replies and Start.


The Replies option allows you to turn on the ability to reply. When this is disabled the agent will still be able to receive messages.

The Start option lets you select who the agent can start conversations with. Select either users, teams or roles to limit their ability to start conversations to other users individually, by team or only other agents, supervisors or administrators.

When Start is enabled two columns will be displayed. To allow the user to talk to others, select them in the disallowed list on the left and click the right arrow to move them into the allowed list. To remove them, select them from the allowed list and click the left arrow to move them back.

This process is the same for individual users, teams or roles.

When you have finished changing the settings, click Update to apply them to the user. Instant messaging changes will come into effect the next time the user logs in.


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