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Use Customer Data in Agent Scripts in ContactNow

Insert customer information into the script text by using double curly brackets before and after your field name. e.g. {{FirstName}}. Learn more here.

You can dynamically insert customer information into the script text by using double curly brackets, your field name and then two closing curly brackets. e.g. {{FirstName}}

You can provide your agents with an editable input for fields in your database by using two square brackets, your field name and then two closing square brackets. e.g. 

You can change the way your agents interact with this input. To do so, hover over the Data icon from the Navigation bar and proceed to Edit Database Field.

Line Spacing: Currently each new line you create on the script text will also be shown on the agent script. To prevent this add a "<html>" tag on the top and a "</html>" tag on the bottom of your script. You must then use html elements to create line spacing.

Default tokens:

  • {{Title}}: Customer record's Title

  • {{FirstName}}: Customer record's FirstName

  • {{LastName}}: Customer record's LastName

  • {{Address1}}: Customer record's Address1

  • {{Address2}}: Customer record's Address2

  • {{Address3}}: Customer record's Address3

  • {{Address4}}: Customer record's Address4

  • {{Address5}}: Customer record's Address5

  • {{Address6}}: Customer record's Address6

  • {{Postcode}}: Customer record's Postcode

  • {{HomePhone}}: Customer record's HomePhone

  • {{WorkPhone}}: Customer record's WorkPhone

  • {{MobilePhone}}: Customer record's MobilePhone

  • {{sourcefile}}: Customer record's Name of CSV file

  • {{loaddate}}: Customer record's Date Loaded CSV

  • {{datasetid}}: Customer record's Unique identifier for this file

  • {{outcomecode}}: Customer record's Outcome code

  • {{callback}}: Customer record's Call back time

  • {{ProcessType}}: Customer record's ProcessType

  • {{notes}}: Customer record's notes

  • {{ProcessDate}}: Customer record's ProcessDate

  • {{AgentRef}}: Customer record's AgentRef

  • {{Call_Back_Notes}}: Customer record's Call Back notes

  • {{Agent_Specific}}: Customer record's Agent_Specific

  • {{Call_Back_Sametime}}: Customer record's Call_Back_Sametime

Plus all the customer custom fields added through Edit Database Field.

These are some extra tokens that can be used in your script:

  • {{time:time of day}}: morning, afternoon or evening depending on the time (UK time zone).

  • {{agent:name}}: Shows agent's name.

  • {{queue:campaign}}: Shows campaign's name.

  • {{call:ddi}}: Shows call DDI

  • {{call:cli}}: Shows call CLI

  • {{call:id}}: Shows call id

  • {{queue:campaign}}: Shows queue's campaign

  • {{queue:description}}: Shows queue's description

  • {{queue:qid}}: Shows queue's id

  • {{agent:userfield}}: Shows agent's User Defined Field

  • {{agent:username}}: Shows agent's username

  • {{agent:id}}: Shows agent's id

  • {{agent:name}}: Shows agent's name

Example Script

Good {{time:time of day}}, Am I speaking to {{Title}} {{FirstName}} {{LastName}}? My name is {{agent:name}}. I am calling from {{queue:campaign}} to ask you a few simple questions. Could you please confirm your address: Address 1: [[Address1]] Address 2: [[Address2]] Address 3: [[Address3]] Postcode: [[Postcode]]


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