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ContactNow: Change Log

The Change log tracks changes made to your contact center. A record of the changes applied and the time and date of the applied changes are also recorded along with the ID of the individual who applied the changes. It also displays the old and new values of the setting.

To see the Change log, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on Change Log.

  • Rollback
  • Table Filter



Changes applied can be reverted individually by clicking on Rollback from the Rollback column.

In alternative, you can rollback changes in bulk by clicking on Rollback to a specific date. This will revert all the changes made within a specified date range.


If you click Rollback to a specific date, you will be prompted to enter a start and end date. After entering the dates, click Check for records to display a list of the changes applied within the specified date range.


Check the applied changes carefully and click I understand the risks and wish to Rollback to confirm. The window will close and a notification will indicates the rollback was successfully.

Table Filter

One of the filters on offer is Table, allowing one to filter down what they are expecting to see. The kind of information held in each table are:

  • pbx_phones: Anything to do with the PBX system.
  • ecnow_campaigns: Anything in System Setup.
  • agents: Any changes made to agents.
  • priority: All agent/team/queue assignments
  • queues: Queue settings such as assigning DIDs or CLIs. Mainly things from the first tab. Audio Messages and the Settings tab (retry times, etc.) are elsewhere.
  • ecnow_agents: Minor agent settings such as radio stations.
  • ecnow_datasets: Dataset status changes (Live, Hold, etc.) and creation. Dataset priority and queue.
  • ecnow_queues: Minor queue settings and queue scripts.
  • audio: Queue audio messages.
  • campaign_fields: Custom fields for campaigns, part of Data Management.
  • picklists: Used for the custom fields with a 'select' type.
  • ecnow_records: Any changes to dataset records.
  • tod_rules: Everything related to Time of Day policy rules. Another table handles the policies overall.
  • ivr: Anything to do with IVR creation and modification.
  • tod_policy: Logs the core Time of Day policy. .For rules see tod_rules.
  • numbers: Number assignment inbound.
  • contacts: Phone book entries.
  • campaign_tables: Creation of secondary campaigns, but not custom fields.
  • settings: Anything from the settings tab of the queue editor.
  • outcomecodes: All outcome codes and associated settings.


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