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Add, Update and Remove a Credit Card in ContactNow

If you want to add, update, or remove a credit card, select Billing from the Configuration icon and navigate to the Billing Details tab. Learn more here.
Note-Icon.png Note: There is a 24-hour time limit for credit card changes. After 24 hours the card changes are automatically applied if not cancelled. When card changes are submitted the "Change Cards" button is removed and the below message appears.

"You have already performed a change in the last 24 hours. Currently you can only view your existing card data."

If you want to add, update, or remove a credit card, select Billing from the Configuration icon, and then navigate to the Billing Details tab.


If you want to add a card, select Add card. This will open the Merchant E Solutions page where you will need to enter your card and billing information. All card information is stored through Merchant E Solutions.


Alternatively, you can swap the current card to a new one by clicking Update card and entering the new card’s details.


Fill in all the correct details and click Submit to update your card.

To remove a card, simply select Remove Card in the top right of the Billing page. A notification as shown below will be displayed asking if you really want to remove your card. Click Remove Card.


If you no longer have a card saved in your contact center’s account, you will not be able to make any payments, your monthly package will not be reviewed, and you will be downgraded to Standard.

Once you have added a card, you can update or remove your card details at anytime.


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