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EasyCallBack in ContactNow

EasyCallBack allows your customers a better queuing experience by giving them the option to register for a callback. Learn how to enable EasyCallBack here.

EasyCallBack allows your customers a better queuing experience by giving them the option to register for a callback instead of queuing until an Agent is available to take the call. EasyCallBack will give your customers the freedom to do whatever they like until an agent is ready to answer their call. EasyCallBack can also be configured to allow customers the opportunity to enter an alternative number and apply restrictions so that you keep control of your dialing costs.


EasyCallBack can be enabled for each inbound queue individually. To enable EasyCallBack hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click on Agent, Teams and Queues. Enabling or disabling EasyCallBack can be configured by editing an inbound queue. To edit an inbound queue, click on the settings cog as shown in the image below.


Proceed by clicking Edit to start configuring EasyCallBack. Settings for EasyCallBack can be found under settings tab when editing an inbound queue.

  • EasyCallBack: The feature must be enabled by switching the turning on the toggle.

Once switched on, you can proceed to configuring the settings for this feature.


  • Allow Alternative Number: By default the customer’s current number (CLI) will be saved by EasyCallBack. The Alternative numbers setting allows customers to enter an alternative number. This is useful is you have customers who dial from a shared or withheld number.
  • Threshold: EasyCallBack can be configured to only be offered to customers who are far back in a queue. This means that you can reduce the amount of outbound calls to only when a queue experiences an exceptionally high number of calls.
Note-Icon.png Note: If the threshold is set to 0 all customers will be offered EasyCallback.The threshold can be set to any number. Only customers who have a queue position higher than the threshold will be asked if they want to register for EasyCallBack when they join the queue.
  • Barring Rule: EasyCallBack makes an outbound call to the customer which you will be charged for. So that you can control your costs it is possible to enter conditions that will stop calls to certain numbers. Number barring can be configured by entering numbers into the Barring rule field. You can enter the start of a number and all numbers in that range will be restricted. Customers will be notified when a number they have entered is not allowed and they will be given the opportunity to enter an alternative.
Note-Icon.png Note: If a customer calls from a number that is withheld and entering an alternative number is not allowed EasyCallBack will not be offered to them.


Do I have to turn EasyCallBack on?

EasyCallBack is disabled by default for all new and existing inbound queues.

How long does it take for customers to register for EasyCallBack?

EasyCallBack is designed to be simple for customers to register and leave the queue as quickly as possible. Depending on the settings you have configured registering for an EasyCallBack can take some time, especially if customers enter alternative numbers incorrectly and take several attempts.

What happens if an agent becomes available while a customer is registering for an EasyCallBack?

Customers registering for EasyCallBack are still in the queue. This means that they can be connected to an agent when they reach the front of the queue even if they are in the EasyCallBack registration process. We recommend that you review each inbound queue’s performance and use a threshold setting value that minimizes the risk of a customer being connected while registering for EasyCallBack.

What does the agent see when a customer registers for EasyCallBack?

The agent will see the normal outbound call state. When the customer answers the call will continue as normal.

Which agents will be given EasyCallBack calls?

The agents assigned to the Inbound queue that the customer called will be connected to customers who register for EasyCallBack.

What happens if a customer doesn’t answer their EasyCallBack?

Once an EasyCallBack is dialed the information is deleted. The customer will only receive one call. The customer will have to call in again and wait for an agent or register for another EasyCallBack.

Does EasyCallBack search for records?

EasyCallBack is not able to search for records. The only information available is the phone number the customer provides.

eye.png Tip: You can use an IVR to collect customer information which can be used to search for a record. The IVR can then redirect the customer to an inbound queue with EasyCallBack and the record information will be saved.


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