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Create an IVR Queue in ContactNow

IVR queues automate Inbound calls answering. Learn how to create an IVR queue via IVR Creator or by the standard method through Agents, Teams and Queues.

IVR queues are used to automate the answering of Inbound calls and take the caller through a series of automated responses via input from the callers telephone keypad. For example this could be as simple as the caller pressing 1 for sales or 2 for support and then using the IVR Menu to transfer the call to a specific queue to be handled by the appropriate agents for that caller.

To create an IVR queue, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on either IVR Creator (Graphical tool) or to use the standard method click on Agents, Teams and Queues. In the latter case, select the Queues tab, click Add Queue on the top-right and select IVR. This will display the following screen.


Enter the Queue Name and click on Add. A confirmation message will indicate that you have successfully created an IVR queue.

Next, you can configure the settings of your created IVR queue by using the following tabs.


The Basics tab represents the information about the IVR queue. Changes can be applied (apart from Queue ID). Click Update Queue once you are satisfied with the changes.


Audio Messages

You have the option to upload audio messages to be played on the queue. You can upload .wav files or use the Text to Speech tool.


  • Hangup: This audio message is played if a Time of Day Policy that is assigned to the queue is set to Hangup.
  • Voicemail: This audio message is played if a Time of Day Policy that is assigned to the queue is set to go through to Voicemail.


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