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ContactNow: Manage Messaging Queues

The Messaging page provides a quick way to manage SMS Broadcast and SMS Outbound queues. When editing a SMS Outbound queue you can also Manage message templates.

SMS outbound is where your agents can send individual messages to customers they have been on the phone to. They can be personalised and templates can be created.These SMS are used for things such as confirmation of delivery/sale etc. SMS broadcast is where a large file of numbers are loaded and one mass message is sent , again these can be personalised.Often used for first communication in debt collection for example.

To manage your messaging queues, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on Messaging. By default the first Messaging queue in the list on the left will be selected and its settings will be loaded. Messaging queues are separated by type and you can switch queues using the list.

To create a new messaging queue, click Add queue on the top right of the page and select the type of queue you want to create.

Click on the relevant article below for detailed instructions on how to create each type of SMS queue:

Messaging queues can also be created from the Queues tab under Configuration.


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