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ContactNow: Add or Edit an Outcome

Call Outcomes

Selecting a call outcome is a required step in completing a call. Outcomes are vital to the reporting features of the service, and for monitoring overall business and agent performance.


Note: Once outcomes are created, they cannot be deleted. They can only be hidden from the dialer.


Before you begin adding or changing outcomes, make sure that you've enabled the Outcomes and Tags features you need.

Navigate to Configuration  > System Setup > Global Agent Options to enable or disable these features as needed:

  • Enable tags: Tags add an additional level of call outcome reporting. The agent can select both an outcome and a tag during disposition of a call.
  • Tags are mandatory: This option appears when tags are enabled, and forces the agent to select a tag during call disposition.
  • Enable Outcome Grouping: In the dialer, Outcome Grouping places outcomes related by the same group name into a section titled with that group name.
  • Collapse Outcome Grouping: This allows the display of grouped outcomes to be collapsed to an expandable title bar in the dialer during disposition.
  • Show System Outcomes: This is a service-supplied outcome group that cannot be edited, except to add or remove the entire group from view in the dialer. Each of these individual outcomes will appear during disposition in the dialer System group only when specific circumstances apply to a call:
    • Answer Machine
    • Dead Line
    • Do Not Call
    • No Answer
    • Scheduled Call Back
    • Wrong Number

Add a new Outcome or edit an existing one

  1. To create new or edit existing outcomes, navigate to Configuration  > Outcomes and Tags.
  • New: Click the Add Outcome button at the top-right corner of the page to create a new outcome.
  • Edit: Click the gear icon to the far right of the outcome you want to edit.


In both cases you will be presented with the following popup window.

Each of these options performs a specific action (or not) when the associated outcome is used during call disposition.


  1. Complete or select the appropriate setting for any the following options before saving your changes:
  • Description: This is the name of this specific outcome, which appears in both the dialer during disposition, and in Analytics reporting.
  • Complete:
    • Yes: This tells the system that the phone number in this call record will not be called again (Example: Not interested or Do Not Call).
    • No: Tells the system to attempt to dial the number again at a later time. Selecting No opens the Use Default Priority option.
  • Use Default Priority: (Available when Complete is set to No.)
    • Yes: Use the default callback priority for the current call record.
    • No: Set a new callback priority for the current call record.


  • Sale:
    • Yes: Disposition marks the call record as a Sale, as reported in Analytics > Agents > Sales/Completes.
    • No: No action.
  • Quick Outcome
    • Yes: The outcome will immediately disconnect the current call and mark the record with this outcome code. A lightning bolt icon is always displayed at the far-right of a Quick Outcome
    • No: The outcome will be applied only when the agent or the caller/called person terminates the current call, and the agent selects the outcome.
  • DMC (Decision-Making Contact):
    • Yes: Marks the call in Analytics to note that the agent has spoken to a person with the authority to make decisions.
    • No: No action.
  • Show to Agent:
    • Yes: The dialer displays this outcome to all agents.
    • No: The dialer hides this outcome from all agents.
  • Do Not Call (DNC):
    • Yes: The outcome will add the called party's phone number to the contact center's Do Not Call list in Data > DNC.
    • No: No action.
  • Assign Campaign: Display this outcome to call queues in all campaigns, or to only one selected campaign.
  1. Once you're satisfied with the settings, click Add or Update, depending on whether you are creating or updating an outcome.

About Outcome Grouping

When Outcome Grouping is enabled, new outcomes can be organized into groups by using the following naming format in the outcome's Description field:

  • [Group name] (hyphen) [Outcome name]

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Configuration  > System Setup > Global Agent Options > Enable Outcome Grouping and select Yes.
  2. Scroll down and click Save.


In the dialer, the group name will appear in a bar above all outcomes with the same group name. The outcome selection itself will only display the outcome name (not the group name or hyphen).

The group names and their outcomes can be anything you like.

Example: Outcomes created in Configuration  > Outcomes and Tags:


Here's how the example above looks, as displayed to an agent in the ContactNow dialer:



When Outcome Grouping is enabled, you might see your custom groups, the System group (if enabled), and a group called Other. The group Other contains all outcomes that do not belong to a group.

Advanced behaviors can also be added to the outcomes. See Set Advanced Outcomes Behaviors for further information.


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