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Manage Outcomes in ContactNow

Call outcomes are vital to the reporting features of the system. To manage Outcomes, navigate to Outcomes and Tags from the Configuration icon. Learn more here.

Call outcomes are required when finishing a call with a customer. Not only are they needed to complete the call, but they are vital to the reporting features of the system. They can also be used in conjunction with other reports to monitor overall business and agent performance.

Outcomes can also be grouped to assist your agents in finding the correct disposition quickly.

Once outcomes that are created, they cannot be deleted, they can only be hidden. The reason for this is that there may already be data associated with this outcome.

Outcomes are set by administrators to accurately reflect the requirement of your business. System outcomes do not appear in this tool as they cannot be modified or deleted.

To manage Outcomes, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on Outcomes and Tags.


There is a filter located on the left of the page to enable quick searches based on the criteria set. Outcomes can be modified by selecting the gear icon located to the right of the outcome you wish to edit.


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