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ContactNow: Phone Book


With the ContactNow Phone book, you can store contacts of third parties on your service, and access them through the dialer.

This allows you to have your contacts at hand when you need to make a Manual outbound call or a Third Party Transfer.

How To Create and Store Contacts in the Phone Book

To create Phone Book contacts:

  1. Navigate to Configuration  > Numbers and click on Phone Book.
  2. Click Add Contact at the top-right of the screen.
  3. In the popup window, fill in the fields:
    • Name
    • Telephone
    • Email Address (optional)
  4. Click Add Contact to save your new contact.

The new contact will appear in the All Contacts area of the page.


To see your contacts in the dialer, they must be assigned to an outbound call queue.

  1. Click and drag the new contact with your mouse to an outbound call queue listed in the Queues area on the right side of the page.
  2. Note that agents must refresh the agent browser page to see new contacts you created while they were logged in.

If you need to store very many contacts, it's best to store them in a single queue. If you store contacts in multiple outbound call queues, you must select the outbound queue (in the dialer, beneath the Dial button) that the contact is associated with for the search function to find the contact.


Search for and Dial Contacts

The Search field can help you find a specific contact in the Phone book.

  1. Enter the first or last name of a contact into the Search field. Note that the Search function doesn't look up phone numbers.
  2. Click on the appropriate contact to highlight it.
  3. Finally, click Dial to call that number.

Your call will be routed through the assigned outbound call queue, which will be listed beneath the Dial button.



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