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ContactNow: Install a Schedule Call Plug-in On Your Website
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ContactNow: Install a Schedule Call Plug-in On Your Website

Plug-in management is a feature that allows you to create buttons to be added to your webpage to allow your customers to enter their contact information and request a call back at a specific time and date.

The plug-in will automate this process for the agent and schedule a call to the customer from your contact center.

To configure this feature, hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar, click Plug-Ins and then click the Add Plug-in button on the top right corner of the screen.

image2015-5-19 14-45-26-600x183.png

Provide a name and description for your plug-in, enter the domain for your website, select a campaign and queue to send the customers details to, and click Save.


Once you have entered the required information click Save. The system will then display the JavaScript code for you to input on your webpage and a preview of what the button will look like when displayed on your webpage.

You can also change the theme of the button to match your webpage.

If no agents are logged in and available to receive the call at the requested call back time, the system will attempt to call the customer the next time an agent assigned to that particular queue is logged in to the system.

Existing plug-ins will be shown on the main plug-in management screen for you to edit or delete.

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