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View Contact Center Status in ContactNow

The Status screen is a real-time report displaying overall information of the current status of the call center. Learn more about Status screen color codes here.

The Status screen, accessible by clicking on the Status icon in the Navigation bar, is a real time report displaying overall information of the current status of the call center, including incoming callsoutbound activity and logout history. The page refreshes every few seconds to always show the latest statistics.

The Status screen uses color codes to make it easy to see what status each agent is in

  • White: Default Color (e.g., Agent in Idle for up to the "Idle Threshold," Agent in Available for up to 40 seconds)
  • Red: Agent in Idle for longer than the "Idle Threshold"
  • Pink: Agent in Available for longer than 40 seconds
  • Yellow: Dial/Ringing (AOD)
  • Green: On Call
  • Brown: Extended wrap (can be customized under Configure agent features)
  • Purple: Hold



The template allows you to customize default settings. Any changes will occur immediately. Clicking Save Settings sets those settings as default for next time the page loads.

Incoming calls

The incoming calls shows the calls received from inbound queues. The duration will go red if the call has breached your configured SLA..

Outbound Activity

The outbound activity represents the total outbound activity.

  • Queue: The outbound queue which made the outbound call.
  • Dialing: The total number of calls dialing out.
  • On call: The total number of connected outbound calls calls.
  • Manual Calls: The total number of manual calls currently active.
  • TPT calls: Shows the number of active transferred calls even if the agent is no longer on the call.

Agent Status

The agent status shows the current status of all logged in agents, as well as the length of time they've been in that status.

Clicking on an agent's name will give you a pop-box. This will display the agent's statistics and allow you to monitor the agent, log the agent out, force wrap etc.

  • Statistics: Shows the statistics for this agent.
  • Current Call: Shows the current call's details of the customer being called.
  • Queues: Shows information on the queues the agent is assigned to.
  • Dial Date: Shows a snapshot of data that is about to be dialed for queues that the agent is enabled on.
  • History: Shows previous calls and allows you to listen to them by clicking on Listen.
  • Action: Allows the admin to force wrap or force logout the selected agent.

Logout History

Shows the logout history of all users (admin, supervisors and agent) and the logout reason (i.e., home, meeting, break).


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