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Idle Warning for Agents in ContactNow

The Idle Warning option alerts an agent about an incoming call when no other agents are available to take a call can be found under Agent Features. Learn more.


The Idle Warning option allows an agent to be alerted about an incoming call when no other agents are available to take a call, even though they have set their phone status to Idle.

Note-Icon.png Note: This is a system-wide setting, and cannot be configured on a per-campaign, per-queue, or per-agent basis.

The Idle Warning option can be found by going to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpgSystem Setup > Agent Features.


There are four Idle Warning options, plus the Warning Alert Time:

  • Off: This option turns off the Idle Warning feature, which prevents incoming call notifications from reaching an agent who is set to Idle status.
  • Flash Status: This is a simple notification that appears only in the phone/dialer area. Options are to Accept or Decline the incoming call.
  • Flash and Popup: In addition to the Flash Status, a small browser window will pop up with the same Accept or Decline options.
  • Flash and Alert: In addition to the Flash Status, another call alert will appear within the same browser tab.
  • Warning Alert Time: This option sets the amount of time between a call entering an assigned queue, and notifying an agent (who has set Idle status) of that call.
Note-Icon.png Note: Any agents logged into ContactNow at the time this option is changed must log out of their phone and the ContactNow service, and then log back in for the change to take effect.

Examples of the Idle Warning Notifications

Flash Status


Flash and Popup


Flash and Alert



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