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Configure Agent Features in ContactNow

You can access the Agent features tab from the System Setup page. Agents can have their own personal queues and features like personal voice-mail. Learn more.

The Agent features tab can be accessed from the System Setup page. This tab shows more controls for the users of your contact center. Options on this tab include the wrap warning, selecting the hang up messages available, whether the agent can see upcoming scheduled calls and custom Idle codes. Agents can now have their own personal queues, enabling features such as personal voice-mail.

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  • Idle Warning - An Idle warning is a customizable notification that is shown to an Agent when there is a call waiting to be answered and no other free agents, it shows to all agents who are in 'Idle state' and there are customers waiting on at least one of their queues. Flash shows a call alert on the agent page with a button to accept or decline. Flash and pop-up does the same but in this instance, it opens a pop-up window as well. Flash and Alert does the same as Flash and uses a message box instead of a pop-up window (pop-ups must be enabled on the user's browser for the flash and pop-up feature to work).
  • Warning Alert Time - Indicates the amount of time before an incoming call alert is shown, only input a time once Idle warning is enabled.
  • Play Audio & Hangup - Allows the agent to play a message to the customer and will automatically hang up once the message has been played.
  • Show Callbacks - Show an agent's personal callbacks on the agent's wait screen, and allows the agent to call the customer earlier than the scheduled time if needed.
  • Callback Lookahead - Allows the administrator to manage how far in advance they want their agents to see their scheduled callbacks.The view can be restricted to allow week, month or all future callbacks to be seen.
  • Instant Messaging - Activates/deactivates instant messaging.
  • Personal Queue Allocation - Enables the agents to select the setting of a queue as personal to an agent.
  • Extended Idle - Allows the agent to stay logged on whilst displaying a break reason to supervisor. This option will display Not Ready button on the agent's wait page.
  • Logout codes - Provides a list of options to display on the screen to the supervisor. When an agent changes their status to idle they'll be able to select a reason from the list above as well.

Click the Save button to save any changes.


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