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Configure Global Agent Options in ContactNow
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Configure Global Agent Options in ContactNow


Administrators can set Global Agent Options in System setup under Configuration to control how agents can connect a call, and more. Learn more here.

Global Agent Options

Administrators can set Global Agent Options in Configuration > System setup to control how agents can connect a call, and more.

  • Login Options: Allows the administrator to set their preferred method of agent log in. The available options are Softphone, Desk Phone, and On Demand.
  • Manual Call: Defines whether the agent can manually dial phone numbers from the ContactNow dialer.
  • TPT Dial: Enables or disables the Third Party Transfer option, which allows agents to transfer a call to a third party.
  • Blind Transfer: Option appears when TPT Dial is enabled. This allows agents transfer a call directly to a third party without first speaking to them.
  • Show Call History: When enabled, the agent interface will display the call History sub-tab of a call queue while the agent is on a call.
  • Pause Recording: Allows the agent to pause the recording of calls in progress to avoid capturing sensitive personal and / or financial information.
  • Schedule Call Assignment: Allows the agent to assign scheduled calls to other agents, or unassign them to the general pool.
  • Call Highlighting: Allows agents to highlight specific parts of their calls, e.g., customer details. Recorded highlights can be listened from the Call highlights Report (only if this option is enabled).
  • Show Balance to Agents: Defines whether or not to show the contact center balance at the top right of the interface to agents.
  • Show Balance to Supervisors: Same as Show Balance to Agents but only to those with supervisor's access.
  • Reset Queue: When set to Yes, this option forces an agent to select an outbound call queue from the dialer before making a manual outbound call.
  • Enable Tags: Enables or disables the option to tag a call. Tags can also be made mandatory when tagging is enabled. Read more on how to Manage Tags.
  • Force Agent Available: Immediately forces an agent into Available status when they first log in to the dialer.
  • Enable Outcome Grouping: When adding new outcomes, you can organize them into groups.
  • Show System Outcomes: System Outcomes are a collection of default, pre-set call outcomes which cannot be changed.
  • Collapse Outcome Grouping: Automatically collapse grouped outcomes into title bars during disposition. Clicking on a group title will expand that group.



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