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ContactNow: Change the Color of a Custom Idle State

Setting a colour for custom Idle states makes them easier for agents and supervisors to identify. The colours chosen will appear for agents in the Status controller as shown below. Supervisors will see each Idle state’s colour on the Status page.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 15.00.12.png

You can use custom Idle stats colours to highlight a particular state by giving it a different colour to all the others. Alternatively, you can group states together by using colours to categorise states into groups. This can make finding agents in a particular state on the Status board easier and makes status selection quicker for Agents.


Note: The colour of the standard Idle state cannot be changed.

Set the colour of a custom Idle state

Hover over Configuration icon in the Navigation menu and select System Setup from the list. Click the Agent features tab and scroll down to the Extended Idle Code settings.



Note: If you do not have any custom Idle states you will need to create them before you can set the colour.

Extended Idle Codes settings

All custom Idle states will be orange by default. To change the colour of a state click the coloured circle next to its name. Select the colour you would like to use for that custom Idle state from the drop down menu that appears.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 14.35.50.png

When you have made all of your changes click Save at the bottom of the page.



Note: The new colour for a state will appear in the Agent’s Status controller and on the Status board after they have been refreshed.



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