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ContactNow: Configure System Options

The System options tab can be accessed from the System Setup page. This option contains a text field into which you can enter the default script to be used on all queues that do not have a custom script. You can also limit access by your agents to your contact center from a list of allowed IP addresses and it can be configured to allow admins to override this and connect from wherever they are. The system options also allows you to upload an image, such as your company logo, to appear in the header.

configuration systemsetup systemoptions-600x697.png

  • he Script text is the default script text shown when the agent is connected to the call and when a script is not specified in a queue. You can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for changes.
  • The Allowed IPs option now has an extra security component, Include Admins, where you can enable or prevent the same IP rules to Admin Users as this was previously limited to Agents only.
  • The Time zone option has been introduced so you can conveniently view the reports in your local time. A default time zone can be set and then toggled on and off in reports.
  • The Company logo option allows you to upload your company's logo and will change the logo that appears in the top left corner.

Click the Save button to save any changes.


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