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ContactNow: Idle Notifications


Idle notifications are used to remind Agents that they are in Idle status. They can switch back to ContactNow and change their status back to Available so they can take another call.

Idle notifications are displayed to Agents as browser notifications they’ll appear even if ContactNow is minimized. They’ll also appear even if the Agent is looking at another tab in their browser. The notification will tell the Agent which status they are in and the repeat notifications will tell them how long they have been in that status.


Note: Agents won’t see any notifications if they have turned off notifications from their browser.

To turn Idle Notifications on hover over the Configuration Icon in the Navigation bar and select System Setup from the menu. Select the Agent Features tab and scroll down to the Idle Notification setting.

Turn the setting to On to enable Idle notifications for all agents. Then set the delay period before the first notification is displayed by selecting how many seconds or minutes to wait before the notification appears.


You also have the option to turn on Repeat Idle notifications so that Agents receive multiple notifications if they remain in Idle. Repeat notifications will continue to appear until the Agent changes their status and you can choose any number of minutes or seconds between each notification.

By default Idle notifications will appear for the standard Idle status. You can choose which custom Idle states trigger Idle notifications by selecting the Send Idle notification checkbox next to each custom Idle state.


Browser notifications must be enabled on the Agent’s browser so they can receive Idle notifications. The first time an Agent logs in to ContactNow after an Administrator has turned on Idle notifications the Agents will receive a prompt from their browser. Agents must give permission for notifications from ContactNow or they will not receive any notifications.


An example prompt from Google Chrome.

If the agent blocks notifications from ContactNow they must update their browser settings to allow notifications to appear. How to do this will vary depending on the browser they are using.


Which browsers support browser notifications?

Browser notifications is a new technology that many websites and services are adding. They are currently supported in the following major browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 22 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 22 and above
  • Apple Safari version 6 and above (Mac only)
  • Opera version 25 and above
  • Microsoft Edge version 14 and above (Windows only)

This list was last updated in May 2017.

Why do my notifications look different to other Agents?

Browser notifications are a new technology and each browser and operating system handles them differently. This means that depending on which operating system and browser you are using they may appear differently.

Do I need to enable pop ups?

Browser notifications are handled separately to pop ups and have their own setting. This means that you can block pop ups from your browser and still receive notifications.

Will notifications appear if I close the ContactNow tab?

You’ll need to have ContactNow open in your browser, even if it is minimized, or you will not receive notifications.


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