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Configure Agent on Demand in ContactNow


Agent on Demand (AOD) allows an agent to log in to ContactNow to receive inbound queue calls without tying up their phone line between calls.

This guide will show you how to properly configure the Agent on Demand feature for use by agents.


How it works

First, an agent calls the Agent on Demand service at (669) 245-4253 and logs in with their usual Agent Number and Passcode.

The AOD service then marks the agent as logged in to the ContactNow dialer and then – unlike logging in using the Desk Phone or Softphone options – it then hangs up that login call.

Then when an inbound queue call is presented to the agent, the AOD service rings the agent's phone, and the agent answers that call to be connected to the person waiting in queue.

It's important to note that because the AOD service is ringing a phone extension, that phone call is subject to the phone's call forwarding rules, just like any other phone call. 


The agent login process for Agent on Demand is located here:


  • The Agent on Demand service disables automated outbound dialing from datasets uploaded in the system. So Predictive, Progressive, and Preview mode outbound calls are not available to agents while they are logged in through AOD.
  • Manually-dialed outbound calls can still be made through ContactNow. When the agent dials a phone number through the ContactNow dialer, the service will call their logged-in phone. The agent must then answer their phone to connect to the outbound destination.
  • The Agent On Demand service cannot be used to monitor agent calls.
  • The agent's outbound caller ID number must not be blocked when logging in to AOD. See this article for details.
  • Agent phones cannot present the same outbound caller ID number, such as the same toll-free number, unless the AOD Lock feature is enabled for that agent. See below, or read this article for details.

Applies To

This applies to the administrator configuration of the agent login using the ContactNow Agent on Demand feature.


  • Enable Agent on Demand.
  • Configure your agent profiles to properly log in to Agent on Demand.

Enable Agent on Demand

AOD login will only work when the feature is enabled.

  1. Navigate to Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpg > System setup > Global Agent Options > Login Options
  2. Check the option for On Demand (16692454253).
  3. Scroll down and click Save.
  4. Agents already logged in to the agent interface at this time must log out and log back in to activate the change.


Configure Agents

Choose the configuration that works best for you. The most important thing to remember is that the AOD service must be able to call your agent phones directly when they receive an inbound queue call.

It does this either by learning and storing the phone number of the agent who is logging in, or by reading the configuration you apply to their ContactNow agent login profile.

Enable AOD Lock when Agents share a caller ID number

When agents share the same outbound caller ID phone number, such as a toll-free number, the administrator must enable a feature called AOD Lock to make sure that each agent is called directly by the service.

  1. In Configuration CN_Configuration_Gear_Icon.jpg > Agents, Teams, and Queues > Agents, click on the gear icon CN_Agent_and_Queue_Edit_Gear_Icon.jpg for each AOD agent and select Edit.
  2. Enter the unique AOD callback phone number for the specific agent into the AOD DID field.
    • This is the phone number that this specific agent can be reached at.
    • This agent will also be called at only this number when an inbound queue call is presented to them.
  3. In AOD Lock, select On.
  4. Click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Direct Number Callback

When AOD Lock is disabled (Off), the AOD DID shown above will dynamically update every time an agent logs in. Using this login configuration, the agent can log in to AOD from any phone that presents its direct dial-in number on outbound calls.


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