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Incoming Call Alert Settings in ContactNow

An Incoming call alert informs agents in wrap assigned to an Inbound Queue of an incoming call. Learn how to configure the call alert settings here.

An Incoming call alert will inform all agents in wrap assigned to an Inbound Queue of an incoming call. You can configure the system so your agents will receive a message indicating that a incoming call is queuing.

To configure the call alert settings, hover over the Configuration icon from the Navigation bar and click on System Setup.

Click on the Agent Features tab. Here you can set how your agents should be informed of an incoming call. You can choose what sort of notification the agents receive from the options provided.

There are four options to choose from: OffFlash StatusFlash and Popup and Flash Alert.

configuration systemsetup agentfeatures incomingcall-600x79.png

An Idle Warning message of your preference will appear when your agents are in wrap. This will notify the Agent when a call is queuing.


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