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Selecting a Language in ContactNow

To change your contact center's language, select System setup, find the setting on the System options tab and select your desired language. Learn more here.

ContactNow gives you the ability to offer multi-language support to your customers. You can now translate your whole system to the user’s chosen language. The current language options to select between are English (UK) and English (US)


To change your contact center's language, hover over the configuration icon on your navigation bar, select System setup and find the setting on the System options tab.

Scroll down until you see the below and select your desired language.


User Language

Admin user's can select each agent's language, so the contact center can accommodate users who speak different languages to each other. All new users will inherit the contact center's default when they are created. You can configure each user’s language by editing them or update multiple users at once with Mass update.


Changing the language will also switch the date format between 24 hour and 12 hour. The format that is standard for the chosen language will be shown to users.


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