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Time of Day (TOD)Policies in ContactNow

To add a time of day policy to a queue for closed/out of hours calls, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on the Time of Day. Learn more here.

The Time of day policies (TOD) feature allows the administrator to configure a time of day (TOD) policy per queue. Typically this is used to define what should happen if someone calls into an Inbound queue when the office is closed/out of hours.

If this feature is not enabled, the caller would just hear on-hold music until they decided to terminate the call. Any number of queues can utilize the same policy.

To add a time of day policy to a queue, hover over the Configuration icon in the Navigation bar and click on the Time of Day.


Adding a policy

To add a time of day policy, click the Add Policy button on the top right. The Add Policy screen should appear.


  • Policy: Enter the policy description here, give your policy a meaningful description (e.g. office opening hours).
  • Time Zone: Select the specific time zone you would like the message to be played at.
  • Default Action: Select the default action of your Policy:

Active - This will queue calls on the queue that the TOD is assigned to. The caller will either be connected directly to an agent if an agent is waiting, or will be queued and played music-on-hold pending an agent becoming available. For Outbound queues, the DNC messages will play to the caller.

Inactive - This will give you three options of how to handle incoming calls on the queue the TOD is assigned to.

  • Hang up: this will terminate the call, playing the hangup audio message if that is selected on the queue
  • Voicemail: this will play the voicemail audio message and then a beep sound, and then record the call until the caller hangs up
  • Jump: the caller will be connected to a specified queue

Click Save Policy once you are satisfied with the options you have selected.

Editing a Policy

When a policy has been created, you can edit the policy by clicking on the gear icon located on the right side of the row and selecting Edit Policy.


The screen below should now appear, displaying options for editing the policy.


Click Save Policy once you are satisfied with the changes you have made.


Note: A helpful way to understand how TOD policies & rules work is:

  • Policy - Always do this action (outside office hours, weekends, holidays, etc)
  • Rule - Unless I tell you to do this action instead (office/working hours)

Once you have created your policy, you need to add a rule to tell your policy how to behave, otherwise your TOD will not work Add a Time of Day (TOD) Policy Rule


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