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ContactNow: Add a PBX Phone

To create a new PBX phone account, click on PBX from the Configuration menu. The PBX page shows all the Phone Accounts and Phone Groups you have created.


You can create a new Phone account by clicking the Add Phone button.

A pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter basic information about the phone.


  • Phone Name: Enter a description for the phone so you can recognise it on this Phones Page – for example it could be Meeting Room, Board Room, Reception or a persons name.
  • Extension: Enter a unique number which is used by other phones to ring this one. For example you might be 101, 102, etc.
  • Assign DDI: If you want to be able to ring a phone from outside, you will need to add a DDI to the phone.
    A phone can be part of a Phone Group, which allows multiple phones to be rung at once from a single number. If you do not need a phone to be individually contactable, then you do not need to assign a DDI.
  • Caller ID: This is the number that will appear on a phone that is being called. If you assign a DDI to the phone then usually you would assign this same number to your Caller Id so that people can phone you back if they miss your call.
  • Assign PBX Queue: You can either use the “Default PBX” queue which is created automatically, or you may wish to group phones together for reporting purposes separately. For example if you have a number of branch offices it might be useful to be able to report on calls only for selected branches.
  • Enable Voicemail: Set this to “Yes” to enable the voicemail feature. You need to save the Phone Account before you can configure the Voicemail.


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